Watching for the Opening Door: When opportunity knocks

It can be easy to get lost in negative and unhappy thought. Psychologically, it has been proven that like attracts like, so when you’re depressed, naturally you’ll think of more things which depress you. Therefore, when opportunity knocks or positive things come into your life when you’re in this frame of mind, it can be easy to miss them.

The saying is: one door closes, and another one opens.

So, sometimes it’s all about watching for the opening door – or listening for the knock of opportunity. Perhaps there has been rejection. Perhaps things haven’t seemed to be going your way. But, is everything that way?

For me, I find it difficult to write when I’m down or distracted, which is really only an excuse and something no one should allow interrupt their productivity. But today, I realized how even as I’m receiving news of rejection, I’m simultaneously getting encouragement and happier news on other fronts. So long as I don’t allow negativity to cloud my thoughts, I can still see these positive things, these new opportunities, which is what we all need to do.

Let’s face it: trying to get published particularly considering the state of worldwide economies now is … challenging. It can likewise be daunting and discouraging. And perhaps everyday you’re not getting the ultimate news you wish for (ie: “The Call” with someone wanting your book and three afterwards). What this means is we only need to keep remembering to watch for the less-grand kind of happy-news. These can be small, like an encouraging email, an inspiring chat with a friend, heck, even finding a terrific sale on something you wanted, or enjoying a great meal with someone you care about. These kind of small things can refill the soul with hope, and hope is a very powerful thing. With hope, we know we can move forward, that tomorrow will be better, that if today isn’t good, tomorrow holds so much more hope.

And with hope, comes perseverance. And with perseverance, comes eventual success. If you quit when you’re down, you’ll never succeed. If you keep at it, there’s still a chance, there’s always a chance.

So if you’re feeling down, if the entire universe feels like it’s against you and you don’t think you can do anything right, close the door on the past unhappiness. Open the door to let something new in – you might be surprised what you’ll find.






3 responses to “Watching for the Opening Door: When opportunity knocks”

  1. Vicky Dreiling Avatar

    Lovely post, Shelly. And I definitely think you’re right about positive energy attracting more positive energy. So often with writing, it’s a matter of timing, which isn’t usually in our sphere of control. But being ready to jump on opportunities when they appear can definitely make a big difference.

    May the Magic Romance Fairies be with you.

  2. ninja 650 lady Avatar

    Where did you learn about this? Can you give me the reference?

  3. Sefringinee Avatar

    Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.