Note to Self: Acquire Psychic Powers to Aid Ultimate Success

As usual, it was the end of the month last week, which meant it was Query Week (indeed, it does appear to require capitalization, since it’s become an “event” for every month so far this year – if you’re interested, I sent out 5 new queries). Anyway, as my brain is mush after personalizing and following all the minutiae of rules required by every different submission process, it occurs to me how handy it would be to have psychic powers.

How lovely it would be to know exactly what it is you’re supposed to do, which day to send out which query for which work, who will absolutely love it, etc, etc. So – forgive the brain mush – but here’s my list for the week:

10 Reasons It Would Be Wonderful To Read Minds:

  1. No more fights with your spouse or significant other (although I suppose you couldn’t use the excuse “Well, I’m not a mindreader” anymore – you’d have to keep on top of things).
  2. You would always submit the right proposal / letter / piece of work to the right person.
  3. You would know what day to submit on – when they’d be in the mood for you.
  4. No more worrying about how someone’s doing: you’d just know.
  5. Lower telephone bills:  instead of calling to find out how someone’s doing, you could just check with a little mind reading magic.
  6. You’d always know where everyone was all the time, and what their plans were. Who needs GPS or status updates?
  7. Dark secrets could never sneak out and surprise you – you’d have known about them months ago.
  8. You could always be where and when you’re needed most.
  9. No more heavy research to decide who / what is best for you: you’d just know that too (along with everything … that might be a different super-power, but oh well).
  10. No more guessing, praying, or worrying about a delayed response / no response / never finding success: you’d have already sent the right work to the right person on the right day: everything would be peachy.

Okay, so obviously my brain is more mushy than I thought. Enjoy your super powers for the day (and yes, I know there would be a dark side too, but let’s just ignore that for now, hmm?) So, what other advantages can you see to have psychic powers? How could they help you succeed?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.