The Power and Danger of “If”

BC2010 Holiday Aug4_10 040“If” is a strange, tiny little word. On it’s own, it doesn’t do much. But give it a dance partner, and it changes everything.
Think of all those “if then” statements from programming.

And of course, the all important “what if.”

What if leads us to wondrous places, flying wherever our creativity can take us. We soar and dance with this statement, ever onward and upward. There are no limits to where “what if” can take us – and then, in turn, our readers, whoever else it touches. “What if” is powerfully contagious.

Of course, his darker brother is, too. “If only.”

While “what if” can let us soar, “if only” plops us right back on our behinds, or mires us in depression. “What if” leads to our dreams, whereas “if only” laments and regrets, depresses us, dampens our dreams and our pscyhes. “If only” leaves us looking sorrowfully back at the “could have beens” and makes us ignore the freedom and possibility of happier creatures, like “what if.”

Funny think, that one tiny little word, the power of “if.” And the danger. Be careful where it takes you.

What do you think? Where has “if” taken you?

Thanks for reading. Have a great week – and may “if” leave you soaring. 🙂