Technology and the Writer

I am not a big fan of technology. It took me a time to adjust even to the computer and typing my words rather than *gasp* using a word processing program. Well, I’m a few decades past that, but I still have a love-hate relationship with the computer even now, that helps me share these words.

And then last week I got a first generation iPad.

Yes, it made me feel old (and no, I’m not actually in my eighties – it just feels like that some days). My husband and I spent some time threatening it with a rock, partially because it just didn’t work as we were used to working.

And then I discovered I could put my manuscript on it. And read it, just like a real book. And make notes (well, not actually in-text … I’m still working on that). And I was hooked, because the modern gadget gave me back the feeling I used to have as a pen scratched my words across paper.

Indeed, technology isn’t all bad. Besides using the iPad, I do like my laptop. And online, I’ve quite enjoyed resources like Hiveword, though it’s a bit different in style than the plotting I do.

So, where do you stand on the issue?

As for me, this ends up being the shortest post ever, because technology has also contributed to my time-wasting, and I REALLY need to get some writing done. But please, let me know.

What role does technology play in your life? In your writing? For better, or for worse? Love to hear from you.

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