Treasure Hunting: Paranormal Style

Beads were my treasure here; I love things in little jars too. :)
Beads were my treasure here; I love things in little jars too. 🙂

I consider myself something of a treasure hunter. I love nothing better than hunting through thrift stores, second hand shops, and garage sales. I tingle with glee at the notion of an “emporium” (wonderful things when they deliver on the name, but beware of those who thought it was a good name, but are not “real” emporiums). With delight and pride I show off my “treasures” that I’ve gotten – always better if they were an exceptionally good deal – and can’t wait to find my next one.

Now, I’m pretty good at spotting the finds. But some supernatural powers might help.

Take the demon Seere. If you want or need something – whether it be things you’ve lost or treasures never before seen – he’s the demon for you, since that’s his particular speciality. Best of all, he’s in the transportation game too, so he can deliver! Although a powerful prince, he’s indifferent to good natured. He might be your guy.

Next we have the Kazna Peri, a demon who’s name means “Treasure Devil” in folk believes of the Cheremis / Mari people of the former Soviet Union. Now, technically he won’t happily lead you to the treasure, since he has a nasty tendency of hoarding and guarding his treasure until it lifts from the ground so he can roast it over a blue flame for some tasty eats. If you’re lucky enough to take his place before he eats all the treasure between Whitsuntide (seven weeks after Easter) and Midsummer’s Day (usually June 24), it’s all yours! Then again, something that eats roasting and potentially molten treasure, well, can we say big teeth and a potentially fire-proof disposition?

And of course, who can neglect a classic like the good old Leprechaun? Beware though, whether you’ve captured this fellow and interrupted his shoe-mending, he can be tricky and the whole pot-of-gold thing could be just stories. The leprechaun loves to play tricks, merely pretending to tell you where the gold is, when all the while he’s leading you on.

Unfortunately, many paranormal creatures like the Brownie or other household spirits and creatures tend only to give luck and good fortune to their household owners. And the rest? Well, they seem to be more into eating the treasure or keeping it out of human hands. Myself? I think I’ll stick with thrift shops and my own eyes-for-a-deal super power.

What about you? Are you a treasure hunter? What supernatural powers would you look for to help on your search? Heard of any good paranormal creatures with an eye for treasure?

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