On Lady Luck’s Bad Side

Do you believe in a deity or force that somehow controls your luck and good fortune? Maybe whether good things come your way or not? I know I use and have heard terms like your guardian angel / deity of choice / Lady Luck / Good Fortune is looking out for you when good things happen. Then there’s life under a black cloud or enmity of a deity or that somehow the “universe” is out to get you when things look bad.

You may have noticed today’s post is, well, really late. It’s been kind of one of those weeks / months here at our house. For me, I’m not sure whether it’s autumn sneaking up (which means it’s bad big brother winter is lurking nearby), and being stuck in rewrites now for what’s just passed the one year mark. Hubby is likewise having a hard time at work, and it’s unusual for both of us to be down at the same time.

Just look for the black cloud, and you could probably follow it to our house.

But here’s the thing: while I may say that some supernatural / outside force is what somehow forces us to be unhappy, that’s total B.S. While I don’t think the universe is out to get us, I also don’t think it much cares what we do. What matters most is how we deal with it at the end of the day (either in a literal sense of end of the day, or metaphorically looking back over the course of our lives).

WE decide whether we are happy or satisfied. WE decide to be happy … or conversely, to be unhappy. So if there is a black cloud or grumpiness demon, we attracted him with our own grumpy-ass nature and decisions.

Sure, it can be annoying as all heck to consider that gee, I’ve decided to be unhappy? But it can also be empowering, because it means we have the choice to remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things that ARE in our lives, rather than focusing on the less-than-perfect aspects.

So anyway, I’m going to go out with a broom on the roof now and shoo that cloud away – and grumpiness demon, I’m after YOU next. Then I’m going to sit down and get to work, and figure out how to make my writing better (and finish the darned rewrites!), as well as make my life better by focusing on the good bits rather instead.

What about you? Dark clouds on your horizon, or are things sunny and clear? Do you truly believe you can determine your own happiness?

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Have a great week, all, good, bad, or ugly. 😉