Myth as Paranormal Fact?

Hey, look at this – I’m actually posting when I’m supposed to, instead of late! (Yes, we’ll see how long this lasts).

Anyway, today’s post was inspired by a posting by Aaron Sagers – it may well inspire a few posts. It’s rather cute and interesting, so here’s the link:

“Top 10 Paranormal Myths” by Aaron Sagers

Back yet?

So, I wanted to consider his myth #1: Paranormal Facts Exist. He says there is no clear evidence and that facts for the paranormal don’t “quite” exist yet. Not sure I entirely agree with that. Is there evidence like Big Foot’s corpse or a vampire giving interviews (beyond the fictional kind)? No. However, I think there is some form of evidence: the myths.

As humans, we’ve long attempted to explain the inexplicable, to find ways to understand our world. Along the way, we’ve created myths and legends to help give explanation. While some of them we’ve perhaps grown out of (like that whole world-is-flat notion), others persist.

Some stories that resonate with us … or which we can’t quite find evidence to throw away yet.

Take vampires and werewolves. There are myths around the world that offer different variations on the same theme. Most compellingly, despite the variations, there are consistencies too (such as in the blood-sucking part). Is it because this legend calls to some deep-seated, primitive fear, such that we can’t ignore it? Or have there been actual incidents? Can’t know that for sure, I suppose. Not without evidence. 😉

Then there are other legends, like the wailing banshee, the Loch Ness, the windigo. These are legends were perhaps someone encountered something on some deserted moor, or in a deep, dark wood. Who are we to know that they didn’t? What makes these “reports” any less credible than alien abductions or alleged miracles? Who is to say that any – or all – are not true?

So much as it seems I am a believer, I like to think of myself as someone who would like to believe … but retains a healthy dose of skepticism.

What about you?

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