Rewrites and Upholstery: Some Projects Can “Look” Done

In my house, nothing says normal other than half-a-dozen projects that I have planned, on the go, or good intentions about. For example, because we have a wedding in December, I’ve been working hard at getting Christmas presents (I make them) done early. Or at least, I WAS making good progress … until I stopped. And now it’s September, and well, that still needs to be done. It often comes down to priorities, as it does for everyone. My family comes first, then my writing, then generally everything else. Thus, with my rewrites, I’ve been pushing hard and not getting much else done. Which isn’t very fair in some ways, since really, I can tell you they’re done, but the “done” part is partially just in my head. Things don’t look done.

So, while I would very much to be able to show you how the current WIP is “done” (or close), the file name and file don’t look all that impressive.

That’s why I like DIY. Especially clear beginning to end projects, like upholstery. My arm still aches now from removing staples, but I can very clearly show you what “done” looks like. (Okay: confession. As I write this – Saturday night since I’m attempting to actually have posts all week and be organized, I have fully completed 4 of 10 chairs, because hubby decided he wants softer chairs, and we need to buy more foam, so they won’t be done until tomorrow. But they’re the easy ones. These are the impressive ones, and more trouble than they were almost worth to remove all the staples and old fabric. )

I was even organized! Here’s the rare “before” photo. (I usually go hog-wild and forget to take pictures, just like rewrites, when I sometimes forget to save separate drafts). That’s the kidlet’s baby, since the chairs were conveniently available for playing “train”. Then directly after you have the “after” image. Next up: I will learn to take pictures that actually make the chairs look normal! Well, probably not. Me actually posting pictures is probably as good as it gets. 😉

Not a writing post or anything to do with the Regency (other than the fact that they, too, had chairs), but hey, what can I say: rewrites have currently melted my brain.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading. Happy writing!

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2 responses to “Rewrites and Upholstery: Some Projects Can “Look” Done”

  1. kateshrewsday Avatar

    Shelley, they look great! You must be so chuffed.

    1. S.C. Chalmers Avatar

      Thanks so much. I am pretty happy – actually have a matching set now. 🙂