Still Around and Kicking

I was so pleased with myself for sticking to the blog and publishing regularly … and then that all fell apart. Somehow or other, after finishing the Great Rewrite of Doom, instead of feeling like fireworks and celebration when it was finally complete, I mostly just wanted to curl up and hide. Ever have one of those weeks? When even good things somehow make you feel worse?

This led to the decision that I was taking a small “holiday” from writing, a week or so at most. Realistically, it may have been more like a small pity party for one (complete with moldy cupcakes!). Then there was the guilt for not writing, accompanied by guilt’s best friend, fear. Fear wondered if I was done writing, if I should just give up completely – or if I already had and just hadn’t admitted it. All the excitement I’d been saving up for starting a new story had withered and dropped off, and none of my current plot ideas fit or inspired me whatsoever.

And then last night happened.

And suddenly, I have a plot, and I have a book. And I’m so excited about it’s utter weirdness and writing it just to play and have fun, all those other goals bedamned, that I can hardly wait to start writing. I’m even thinking of starting NaNo, yes, even this late in the game because I’m so excited, I think that with this one, I could potentially reach the 50k by the end of the month.

Ever have that happen to you?

And if you’re in the middle of your own pity party, or maybe feeling a bit down on yourself: take heart. As much as the darkness seems complete at the moment, it isn’t. Just one of the downturns in that roller-coaster ride accompanied with creativity.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a terrific week. 🙂