Spread Some Good Cheer – Personally and Professionally

I happen to love this season, despite the stress and the craziness of it all, and how we try to cram way too much into one poor little month.

And I’ve been thinking about gifts, of course, being that time of year. I have an idea for you all that is guaranteed to be something everyone needs, and everyone will like.

Be nice. Be kind. Share the love.

Rolling your eyes at me? Yes, it sounds trite, but only because we let it be so. Because we don’t sometimes consider how important it is, especially if someone is in a dark place, or when we’re busy with our own problems, our own business, our own lives. But here’s the idea: send three people – perhaps even strangers, or perhaps especially strangers – kindness. Why not? What’s it going to hurt? Read a fabulous book recently? Why not drop the author a note and let them know. Experienced terrific customer service, take the few minutes it takes to fill in that survey or send a quick note to the store about how pleased you were. Closer to home, take the time to smile at the bedraggled clerk, and leave a nice tip for the waitress. If you’ve ever worked retail at this time of year, you know it can really suck (I have. It did.) If you haven’t, perhaps you should to find a bit more sympathy.

So go out there and play nice, hmm? I really would like to believe we can change the world and make a difference in small ways. What’s the harm in trying, right?

Have a good one, and thanks for reading. 🙂