New Year Writing: Step 1

So it’s snowing here … again. But the sun is shining, and today I am determined to really get started on writing for the year. Yet I still want to be a bit gentle with myself.

Here’s what I plan to do today:


Yep, you heard me. But the difference is that I’m going to try and play with words. Over at Chuck Wendig’s thought-provoking blog, he offered up a challenge of the random story generator starting with a title … and then to write 1000 words about it. [Here’s the link if you want to play along.]

So, that’s my first step, and what may even amount to the beginning of a resolution: More play, and more actually trying things instead of just saying “when I get to it.” You see, I’ve looked at lots of this kind of challenge and exercise and even saved them for later … but I didn’t actually do anything with them. Not really. And now, look at that – my first 2014 resolution seems to have crept up on me despite my best efforts:

2014 Resolution #1: Make more time for playing with words, and actually do the challenges and experiment with words.

So, I better head off and actually get to that writing thing. 😉

What about you? Have you set a boatload of resolutions this year? Are you against resolutions? Or like me, are you just adjusting to this year a bit slower than usual?

Thanks for reading, and wishing you a fan-tabulous week. 🙂