A Little Sunshine and Positivity

Flowers in my garden - a good place to run away to.
Flowers in my garden – a good place to run away to.

It’s amazing what a little sun can do for the disposition. Yesterday I headed out for a treat-trip to the dollar store and Michaels (two of my favorites), and the sun was shining, the car splashing through puddles – it was wondrous!

This winter has been long, dark, and harder than usual for a lot of us. It’s like the sun and the big melt gives all of a us a chance at rebirth and feeling a little more positive about things and a lot more … hmm, alive? Hopeful? Quite possibly all of the above.

Now, by spring melt I am by no means suggesting all the snow is gone. *Sigh.* No, there’s still probably about a foot of that junk left, but it’s going. Slowly, I can see my flower pots with all the dead plants I never got around to cleaning up last fall (I always mean to, never happens.) And I’m thinking about what I’ll plant in them this year, how this summer will be different and some miracle will occur and I will actually FINISH my weeding (hahahahaha!). It means soon I’ll be able to have my office window open and listen to bird songs and lawnmowers while I write, and the grasshoppers will be back to trying smashing themselves into the window and trying to get me. But it mostly means that at last, the long period of darkness has ended, and the light can shine – both literally, and spiritually.

So what about you? What does spring mean to you, and how has it started to manifest wherever you are?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week. 🙂