There and Away: Perceiving changes in ourselves

There is something oddly unsettling about coming home after being away awhile and finding the house left in by your pre-vacation self. Not that I expect my week in Mexico was a soul-changing experience, but coming home, I had one week more of experiences than the self who left certain things scattered around the house, a particular mess in the craft room. Perhaps it’s that most of the time, we don’t notice ourselves changing, but when we are taken out of everyday life only to return, we can see how much even a short time changes us, how each new experience adds to and alters the person we are and will become.

The other place you can see this is in creative works. Like writing. What I wrote last week is different than what I’d write this week, because I’m different. And certainly, what I wrote three weeks ago is a vast time before … and which REALLY makes me wish I left myself notes or bread crumbs to somehow divine what my intentions were, and what I planned to write next. Sigh. I mean, I get where the zombies showed up (though I forgot I’d added them until I read the scene), but where do you go from there? I mean, really?

Anyway, just me being a bit philosophical, and putting off the writing I really need to do. So, wishing you a terrific week out there, and happy writing while I go off and try and figure out what I’m going to write next. 🙂