Family Holidays and Greenhouse Day

Tomorrow is Greenhouse Day. Which started me thinking about the kinds of things we celebrate as a family or a group that aren’t exactly universal. And frankly, I’ve been stressing March2013 003myself out, so I need some kind of celebration.

While I love Christmas (get to make and give presents) and Halloween (get to dress up), our family has a few other unusual holidays in our calendar. I’ve given you the dates for this year.

  • May 6 – Greenhouse Day. This day moves a bit, but it usually falls somewhere in the first week or so of May. Here we can’t actually plant our precious green-babies that we bring home from the greenhouse, so in my case, I usually kill lose a few before they ever get outside. But it also means winter is officially over, and my mom and I, usually accompanied by my aunt and grandparents, celebrate by going hog-wild at the greenhouse.
  • May 19 – Planting Weekend (aka: Victoria Day Weekend). Usually, this is the weekend when, where others go camping and get out, we plant our gardens. And I start my annual war against weeds and pests, which I inevitably lose. But the planting part I love!
  • July 18 – 20 – Garage Sale Weekend – Perhaps my favorite weekend of the year, this is when Alberta Beach and area, due to the Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage, has a substantial number of garage sales. It used to be like every second house, but now it’s more like 4 /10 or so. Still, lots of deals and “treasures” to be found. My best friend, dad, and I look forward to it all year long. I’m secretly converting my husband and kidlet. Shh! Don’t tell. 😉
  • July 22-26 – Romance Writers’ New Year, aka the RWA National Conference – The dates this year are when I’ll be going, though the conference only officially runs from the Thursday to Saturday. It’s writers’ new year because you learn so much, meet so many new people, it’s like you’re refreshed and start anew with a boost of energy akin to a fresh new calendar year. Can’t wait!

So what about you? Do you and your family have special celebration days that you look forward to, but everyone else might think you’re crazy? Share and convert us. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.