Behind and Lucky Seven

I’m late again posting this week. Inside my head, it’s like the constant refrain of “The Conference is coming! The Conference is coming!”

No, I’m not actually a white rabbit, late, late, for a very important date, though I might as well be this week.  You see, I’m quite excited about the RWA National Conference in San Antonio July 24-27. But, I’m also going mad trying to meet my own self-imposed deadline to finish my current manuscript by that point, so  I have two projects I can “pitch” to editors and agents.

And, since I’m behind on so many things, I figure I might as well catch up twice.  I was “tagged” in Lucky 7 – which means go to page 7 or 77 of the current WIP, and post the next 7 or so lines.

So, from “Safe Haven,” maybe “Sanctuary’s Salvation,” here’s from pg 7, line 7:

Her brain fumbled around some more, trying to make sense of the off-the-scale weirdness that had ensued since the minute this man walked into the room. Think later, talk now. Tucking a bit of hair behind her ear, Tess offered a shaky but professional smile.
“I’m Tess.”
“Jake,” he offered, and held out his hand.
She stared at it like it was a rabid shark. The moment stretched until he cleared his throat and tucked his hand back in a pocket.
Her face burned. “Sorry, I, uh, bad cold. Wouldn’t want to spread it.” She faked the most pathetic cough. Ever.

And I’m tagging no one – but what to share below anyway? Share around 7 lines from page 7 or 77 of your current work.

Next week, hopefully I’ll, I don’t know, invent new time, and have a longer post. Until then, I’m off to send the kidlet for nap (again!), and then get some writing done. Happy writing out there!