Too Busy for Anything?

Busy, busy. Market in Mexico. My photo.
Busy, busy. Market in Mexico. My photo.

So since September has started, generally my life has turned upside-down-crazy-town. This particular crazy-town is relatively friendly, and I’m fairly sure that I’m the resident lunatic, since part of the reason things are so busy is that I keep volunteering to do more.

And while I’ve been so busy, I’ve been considering if I’m actually accomplishing anything.

Now, this isn’t the case where I’m going to tell you not to multi-task, since you’ve probably made up your mind about that already, haven’t you? No, instead I’m musing about the fact that sometimes you can be too busy for anything, which leaves you wondering: so what the heck am I doing anyway?

My answer has been to examine what’s frustrating me (ie: not getting as much time writing as I’d like and I’m used to) and balancing this with first, what needs to be done, and second, what I’ll regret if it doesn’t get done.

The result, for someone who thrives on counting how many new words I’ve added and loves checking off things on a to-do list, is that I’m checking off less items, and writing less words … but I think what I may be doing is more important.

I’m making sure that the time I spend with the kidlet, since there’s not as much just-us-alone time with her in playschool, is sacred time. And sincere time. I try not to work on the computer or something else (unless it’s in front of the tv), and instead, we’ve painted pictures together, played with playdough and made endless “peas.” And she’s happier and more placable. And I appreciate and love my little miss all that much more.

I’ve also tried making a bit more time for me, which means I’ve started to go to the gym (and we’re way to early for the feel-good stage – I’m only at the “ow, it hurts” stage). I’ve also been reading more, things that are fun and just bring me pleasure. Anything dark gets the boot about now.

So what have I accomplished? I’m starting to get past the panicked feeling of running out of time and behind everyone else. And I’m starting to feel maybe, that there are things more important than those to-do lists and productivity lists (though who can resist the list or two? They’re so adorable!).

And such ends my round-about-apology for not posting last week. I’ve been too busy for anything. But I’m working on that, and making sure that instead, I’m busy, but focused on what’s really important.

What about you? Has back to fall meant back to craziness? Ever have that feeling you’ll never catch up? Love to hear from you. 🙂

Thanks for reading, Happy Thanksgiving from here in Canada, and have a great week. 🙂