Hello 2016!

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2016!!

First up: apologies that it’s been ages since I last posted (just before or after the RWA National Conference in July, I think.) Anyway, life kind of intervened. I now have a second kidlet, an almost finished basement, and a new book / series.

For now, I’m working on a brand new series that I’m really excited about. No, I’m not yet published (I wouldn’t have hidden that lead all the way down here), but I continue to write, submit, and move forward, even if sometimes it feels like I’m inching my way forward.

So, with a new year, have you looked back at the year-that-was and remembered all the great things you accomplished?

Or (like me) did December 31 roll around, and you weren’t quite as happy-dancy about the year that was?

I’ve posted before about how it’s important to focus on all that we have accomplished and not forget that when we look back and reflect on some of the goals we wish we’d reached, but which remained just out of reach. And this year, to remind myself to do just that, I’ve decided to try something different: based on an idea I saw on Facebook, I’m starting a “Happy Days” jar.

It’s a big mason jar (as I anticipate a great year), and everything somethings good happens to myself or my family members, I want us to write it on a piece of paper and slip it into the jar. Then, come December 31 or January 1, we can read all those pieces of paper and remember all the great things we enjoyed in the past year (and hopefully drown out the sound of the voice insisting there was lots we could have done – that voice is ALWAYS annoyingly loud.)

Also a la social media, I’ve seen the idea of deciding on a guiding word for the year ahead. I’ve heard about it before, and despite my resistance, this year I kind of have one: Courage.

What about you? Do you assign a word to the year? How are you going to change something for the year ahead?

So, as I sign off on this post, I wish you all a courageous, terrific year – and hope to see much more of you as I’m going to try and resume weekly posts. Happy 2016, remember all that you accomplished in 2015, and here’s to a great year! Happy writing out there. 🙂