Music to Give You a Boost

Geez, I’ve been terrible at posting regularly, haven’t I? Sorry about that. So hello out there!

Today I have a treat for you. 🙂 I’ve been working on putting together my playlist of “happy music.” Actually, I have a few of these, and I’ve now put together a list on Spotify. Happy, inspirational, fight-on type of music. And know what’s great about that? I can share it with you! If you haven’t tried Spotify, it’s free and pretty fun (and no, they haven’t paid me to say that.) 😉

I’ve tried to include a link below. Hopefully it works (but me and technology? meh…maybe.) 😉 You can also look up “Happy Music” (this one is “Happy and Motivational Music.” I’m Smuse56). 🙂

Music definitely affects my mood. Which is why it’s always good to have a great playlist to play on the days you’re either riding clouds…or perhaps under your very own personal black cloud. 😉 I hope this list helps bring a smile and a bounce to your step. 🙂

Are there any songs I should add to my list??

Thanks for reading! Wishing you a great week and happy writing. 🙂 And now, because I’ve been spending time making playlists rather than writing, I better get back to the words!