fhappyHave you read this book yet? If not, go on out and get it. Seriously.

I actually bought the book for my mom for Christmas, because frankly the raccoon on the cover was kind of irresistible, reviews were good, and it looked like fun. After she was finished with it, she recently lent it to me (yes, I was good – I didn’t read the book before I gave it to her…though I was tempted.)

I probably should have read it before I gave it to her anyway. 😉

This is a non-fiction, a collection of personal essays by the author, Jenny Lawson. They are at times laugh-so-hard-your-belly-hurts funny, and other times heartbreaking, but always brave. There is something very beautiful about this book, and intensely human.

Ms. Lawson is open about her mental illness, but that both is and isn’t what this book is about. She explains her depression and experience in a way that if you’ve suffered from it, you understand, and if you haven’t, gives you greater sympathy for those who do. As the subtitle suggests, this is: “A Funny Book About Horrible Things.” Before reading this, I never would have thought dead cats were hilarious, and nor have I ever had a desire to purchase a taxidermied raccoon…but now I kind of do. 😉

Just go read it. Please?

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