Packing for RWA San Diego 2016

2016-01-17 12.40.41In exactly one week, I’ll be enjoying San Diego and my writer friends. It will be the start of the huge event, RWA National Conference, this year being held in San Diego.

Every year, Conference seems to somehow sneak up on us (even though it’s scheduled literally years in advance…and we register in February…and it’s on like every calendar I own!). And yet, here we are. Almost ready to leave, and suddenly running around like a crazy person in a pre-Conference fog (not to be confused with the post-Conference fog when you’re too exhausted to breathe.)

But I digress.

Dress at the Conference is business casual. Which means not a formal business suit (unless that’s your thing), but probably nice slacks, a skirt, a decent blouse or shirt. That part is relatively easy to pack for – once you figure out what fits, what you like, and then stuff it all in a suitcase.

The part that is sometimes a bit more difficult to prepare for is the mental aspect of Conference. Yes, it’s wonderful because you meet a whole bunch of people who have a whole bunch in common with you. Not only are these other writers, these are other romance writers. There are opportunities to find out what’s going on at the various publishers. Pitch sessions with editors and agents. Workshops. Inspirational speakers.

And it’s a lot. And you really do have to pace yourself. But, since this will be my sixth National Conference, I’ve realized there’s one crucial thing I have to bring: a great attitude.

It sounds trite, doesn’t it? It isn’t. As wonderful as Conference is, it isn’t cheap considering the flight, hotel, conference fees, plus assorted other costs. It’s a week away from my family and one my husband takes off to watch our kids. I need to make the most of my time and energy there. And a good attitude is the only way I can do it.

Because I won’t let anything ruin my time there. I will enjoy it. I will find the joy in everything, in a way I sometimes wish I could do in my everyday life. I won’t let negativity (from people or events) get me down. And because of all that commitment to myself, I KNOW that I will have an absolutely fantastic time. And I do, every time. Even when things haven’t been perfect. I just won’t let it ruin things for me.

So yes, I will be bringing my business casual clothes, my business cards, devices, comfortable shoes and water bottle. But it’s my attitude that will make it all work no matter what happens.

Are you packing yours? If so, I can’t wait to meet you there!

Thanks for reading, and wishing you a great week of writing, rewriting, or travels if you’re heading to San Diego like I am. 🙂