A Pinterest-ingly Strange Post

One of my paintings from an idea on Pinterest

Yes, very well – I confess I *might* be playing around with my new website and taking it back out for a test-drive, as it were. And the title? Couldn’t resist, I suppose. 

BUT, there is actually a point, promise. I wanted to share one of my other obsessions… which rather conveniently also allows me to indulge in other obsessions, simultaneously. I’m speaking, of course, of Pinterest. If you’re curious, here’s a link to come find my page and boards (I’ll have to see if I can create links for that on my website.)


Here you’ll find some of my various interests (and also where I’ve spent far too many hours.) I guess it gives you a bit of insight into the kind of person I am and some of my interests. There are quite a few boards dedicated to writing. If you’re curious, these might offer visuals that I used to inspire me, especially in the early stages of the book, and when I was thinking about how to choose cover and branding images.

Writing related: 

  • Sisters of the Apocalypse Series (this board is dedicated to my Sisters of the Apocalypse series and images that inspired me.)
  • Potential Hero Inspiration board (as of writing this there are 144 pins of eye-candy here – ahem, I’m a bit surprised by that.)
  • Writing (This board is a bit of a mishmash of writing prompts I liked, inspiration, tips, etc.)
  • Potential Heroine Inspiration Board (it only seemed right since the heroes have one…though only 14 pins here.)
  • Setting Inspiration (images and ideas that inspire and spark the imagination – perhaps for stories in the future.)
  • Frozen Star Series (this one is dedicated to my Regency-Firefly space opera)
  • DLS Series (This board is a further-curated version of the Regency Paranormal Series board.)
  • Regency Paranormal Series (Another big series of mine, and lots of images here)
  • Sanctuary (My first official board for writing, actually, related to another paranormal series about the town of Sanctuary.)
  • Inspirational Quotes (I love some great quotes, many of these about perseverance and staying strong.)
After that we enter the monster-area of crafting and DIY, both of which I also adore. If you’re more curious about some of the projects I HAVE completed, feel free to drop by my other blog, Craft Room Chronicles, where I have pictures and tutorials of everything from my miniatures to paintings and other projects.
  • DIY Crafts (a HUGE board that I probably should have sub-divided, these are all sorts of projects I want to try.)
  • DIY Your Own Miniatures (perhaps the biggest board.)
  • Fantasy Dollhouse (Another biggy, I’m working on creating a Fantasy Dollhouse right now, and these are inspiration.)
  • Kids Crafts (Crafts to do with my kids, and for them.)
  • Pirate Miniatures (Another miniature project, my pirate tavern which is forever-under-construction.)
  • Quarter 1/4 Scale Miniatures (a smaller scale of miniatures, more tutorials and inspiration)
  • Miniatures (not to be confused with all the other mini-boards, this one is mostly inspiration and pretty pictures.)
  • Airbrush (a board to supposedly help me start to use my airbrush and compressor…which currently terrify me.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
  • Painting Ideas (my inspiration and attempt to get better at acrylic painting.)
  • Ceramic Painting Ideas (different patterns and ideas to paint on teapots.)
  • Polymer Clay Projects and DIY (I love working with polymer clay, and these are some techniques and projects to try.)
  • Wire Wrapping and Beading Projects (more DIY projects – I have oodles of beads.)
  • Gift Ideas (since I like making things, makes since that I have to give them away. A lot.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
  • Shadow Boxes (something new I’ve been playing with, especially since they make great gifts.)
From there, we enter the “other” category, which I’m sharing just in case you’re interested. 
  • Recipes to Try (these looked yummy and easy, two of my main requirements for recipes.) 
  • Basement / decor (these are home-based DIY projects of the small-scale variety – my house can’t handle the larger ones.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
  • Outdoors (these are both DIY projects for the garden, to decking and other lovely outdoor spaces I dream of.)
  • Antique and Vintage Stoves (another obsession, I actually have a cookstove from c.1920…but still love to look at others.)
  • Kids birthday ideas (Ideas for my two beautiful girls, some of which I’ve actually used.)
  • Teapots (My husband will assure you I don’t need any more…I have at least 20 in real life, but I still like to look.) ๐Ÿ™‚ 
  • Funny (many of these are geek-type humor, and a lot of fun. Check these out for a laugh.)
  • Seth Thomas Clock (my great-uncle gave me a clock very similar to the first one shown, and I’d love to know more about it.)
So, what do you think? Yes, I have a whole lot of boards, and hopefully you found something interesting in there. What about you – do you play around on Pinterest? Do you ever make / use any of the ideas you find there? Please tell me I’m not the only one. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Thanks for reading, and wishing you a great week ahead. And remember: there’s always magic in the world if we look hard enough.