Title: Alchemy
Series: Shades of Beckwell Series #0.5
Published by: Self-Pub
Release Date: September 13, 2021

Beckwell, home of the magical and strange has always been a safe haven… until now.

Bridget Cross has dreamed of magic and believed it was real all her life. Much to her brother’s disgust, seeing as Dad’s obsession with the paranormal drove him into an early grave. Still, now that the Veils have fallen and rumors of magic are spreading, the paranormal town of Beckwell is all over the news. Even her over-protective big brother can’t stop Bridget from applying for a job at the Beckwell school. Maybe she’s finally found somewhere she belongs… and even better, proof that magic is real, in the sexy fairy in the classroom next door.

Felix Hinklevine learned early on that the only way to stay out of trouble was to hide his fairy wings and pretend he was normal… or at least, what passes for average in the paranormal world. But the new hire, cute though she might be, appears to be a non-magical. She’s an outsider and can’t possibly understand what it’s like to grow up with magic. No damn way will he let her prejudice hurt any of their students. Still, as danger grows and students are threatened, maybe this time he’s wrong. Maybe this time pretending to be normal is overrated, and in Bridget, he’ll finally find the magic that’s been missing from his life, a special sort of alchemy…

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