Shade for Love

Title: Shade for Love
Series: Shades of Beckwell Series #1
Published by: Self-Pub
Release Date: October 27, 2021
Pages: 420
ISBN13: 978-1-7778881-1-4

These gender-swapped Golden Girls have the perfect plan to save their town from paranormal threats: matchmaking.

An arranged marriage seems like a good idea…until you’re walking down the aisle toward the sexy immortal soldier you’re in half in love with but have never technically met. But that’s the least of Cara Jenklow’s problems. After all, her best friend is a necklace and her idols are the Shades, a group of former soldiers who these days are more Golden Girls than Avengers. Still, even after the talking dog shows up, Cara is optimistic her new husband might be the key to happiness and belonging…if her secret powers don’t kill her first.

William Best never asked to be immortal and to strike fear into pretty much everyone, but he’s making the most of it by standing between would-be murderers and the innocent paranormals in their path. This time, that means coming to Beckwell, reuniting with his old army troop, the Shades, and maybe using their granddaughter as bait. No one’s perfect, right? Besides, love was never the mission…

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“Doesn’t it bother you?” she asked quietly.

“What?” He asked it as though he honestly didn’t know, maybe hadn’t even noticed – although very few of those making the comments had kept their voices low.

She stopped and turned, gestured back at the clinic. “The whispers. The stories. The things they say about you.”

He shrugged. “I can’t control what people say about me.” He paused, then met her gaze, his eyes clear and direct. “Does it bother you? What they say?” He said it like her answer mattered.

She edged closer, close enough to see the darker outline around his iris, the gold flecks in just his left eye… and feel the heat of his body. Probably best to ignore the latter part. “I don’t believe everything I hear. I’ve done my own research. I know the stories the Shades have told me. The rest… you’re right. People can say what they want. I just don’t like that it’s unkind to you, that it could hurt your feelings after all the good that you’ve done.”

He stepped a little closer too, his toes bumping hers. “Not everything I’ve done has been good. Sometimes I’ve crossed the wrong lines for the right reasons. You barely know me, Cara. I don’t know if you should trust me.”

Where the heck was Dom when she needed them because that was some statement to untangle.

He was really damned close and her heart raced and her libido screamed giddy-up and go. She shrugged and stepped back so she wasn’t overwhelmed by his size, his presence, that idiotic idea to just kiss him already. “The Shades trust you. That’s good enough for me,” she said, before continuing down the hall and trying to ignore the small twinge of guilt that maybe he shouldn’t entirely trust her either. She wasn’t doing anything bad, per say, but he didn’t know her either… and those secrets she kept were adding up.