Title: Trolled
Series: Shades of Beckwell Series #0.5
Published by: Self-Pub
Release Date: September 13, 2021
Pages: 117
ISBN13: 973-1-7750206-9-1

Welcome to Beckwell, home of the magical and strange… and the Shades, a group of gender-swapped Golden Girls determined to protect what’s theirs.

Some days, the world is out to get you. Literally. The same morning his cat tries to murder him, half-troll Frizzly Cooper meets a cute but deadly destruction goddess. Sure, she might have saved his cat, but she wants to destroy his town. A call for help is answered by Beckwell’s own troublesome senior citizens, the Shades, who seem to think Frizzly can save his town and everyone in it. This former biker is no one’s hero… but this time, maybe a half-troll with a big heart and a homicidal cat is just what Beckwell needs.

Destroying Beckwell isn’t personal, but it could mean a job promotion. Devi Aghanashini, a would-be destruction goddess, needs a break. She just started a new job, and her assignment is to set a magical bomb off in the Beckwell Senior Center. It’s not supposed to hurt anyone. The only thing in her way is one very sexy and sweet half-troll who seems to think she has more potential than just destruction. This could be their chance for real change and acceptance… if she and Frizzly can just survive the day.

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I knew she was a destruction goddess and everything, but when she smiled up at me like that, like I’d cleared away the clouds and made the stars come out, it made me feel like I was ten feet tall and a superhero. I’d do just about anything to make her smile at me that way again.

It was entirely possible the rock had petrified my brain.