Mini Press Books

Besides being an author of full-size books, I’ve also started making mini books. No, I’m not a publisher – these are tiny books commissioned by authors to reproduce their own books in miniature.

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Small size orders are my focus, for you to reproduce a special keepsake for yourself, a one-of-a-kind gift for a fellow author, or a limited giveaway / prize for valued readers.

So far, these are my main products, all of them featuring the full book cover (front cover, spine, and back cover so it really is  your book in miniature):

1″ charm to the left; mini 1″ book opening pages in the center; 1 1/2″ book to the right

1: 1″ high mini books with opening blank paper pages (a personal favorite of mine.) As you can see from the photo, these include front, back, and spine of the book. (starting at $5USD each)

2: 1 1/2 inch high books with opening blank paper pages. (starting at $8 USD each.)

3: 1″ high charm; this is a book cover over non-opening sculpted pages with an embedded hook. This would be ideal to use as a pendant or key-chain. It’s a bit too heavy for earrings or the charm bracelet. (charms start at $5USD each)

4: 3/4″ high mini charm: these are a book cover over non-opening, sculpted pages with an embedded hook. This is the size and book I’d recommend for earrings or charm bracelets.This photo shows you the difference between the 1″ and 3/4″ charms. The 3/4″ charms are literally about the size of a thumbnail. (Charms start at $5USD each)

5: Author charm bracelets. Either all the work of a single author, or the work of a group of authors, all participating authors / any book covers used MUST have the permission of the author to use it. I will also make charm bracelets as gifts for authors of their own books, and can sell these bracelets to readers if I have permission from the author (such as for Amy Patrick’s fab “Hidden” series.) (Charm bracelets start at $50USD for 10 charms, and $5 per charm after.)

6.  Book charm earrings: made with the 3/4″ charms, these non-opening mini books feature the full cover of your book, and can either both be the same book for both, or mix and match. This particular pair belongs to the lovely Jessica Ruddick for her award-winning book “Birthright.” (Earrings start at $10USD)

Basket full of 3/4″ charms for an author group charm bracelet

Please contact me if you’re interested in any of these products, and I’m happy to offer pricing and help you find the best product for your needs. 🙂

  • Ogawa Kazumasa