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Welcome to Beckwell, where everyone has a paranormal bloodline…


The Shades of Beckwell Series

These gender-swapped Golden Girls have the perfect plan to save their town from paranormal threats: matchmaking.

This new series returns to the magical town of Beckwell, where we meet more of the paranormal citizens… and the well-meaning but mischievous group of retired military buddies known as the Shades. Prepare for humor and new adventures… and a whole new threat to the town.

The series is composed of novellas and full-length novels which can be read as two separate series, but do share an interconnected timeline and events. I hope you have as much fun in this expanded world as I do! 🙂

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(Shades Novella Book 1)

Some days, the world is out to get you. Literally. The same morning his cat tries to murder him, half-troll Frizzly Cooper meets a cute but deadly destruction goddess. Sure, she might have saved his cat, but she wants to destroy his town. A call for help is answered by Beckwell’s own troublesome senior citizens, the Shades, who seem to think Frizzly can save his town and everyone in it. This former biker is no one’s hero… but this time, maybe a half-troll with a big heart and a homicidal cat is just what Beckwell needs.

Destroying Beckwell isn’t personal, but it could mean a job promotion. Devi Aghanashini, a would-be destruction goddess, needs a break. She just started a new job, and her assignment is to set a magical bomb off in the Beckwell Senior Center. It’s not supposed to hurt anyone. The only thing in her way is one very sexy and sweet half-troll who seems to think she has more potential than just destruction. This could be their chance for real change and acceptance… if she and Frizzly can just survive the day.

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(Shades Novella Book 2)

Beckwell, home of the magical and strange has always been a safe haven… until now.

Bridget Cross has dreamed of magic and believed it was real all her life. Much to her brother’s disgust, seeing as Dad’s obsession with the paranormal drove him into an early grave. Still, now that the Veils have fallen and rumors of magic are spreading, the paranormal town of Beckwell is all over the news. Even her over-protective big brother can’t stop Bridget from applying for a job at the Beckwell school. Maybe she’s finally found somewhere she belongs… and even better, proof that magic is real, in the sexy fairy in the classroom next door.

Felix Hinklevine learned early on that the only way to stay out of trouble was to hide his fairy wings and pretend he was normal… or at least, what passes for average in the paranormal world. But the new hire, cute though she might be, appears to be a non-magical. She’s an outsider and can’t possibly understand what it’s like to grow up with magic. No damn way will he let her prejudice hurt any of their students. Still, as danger grows and students are threatened, maybe this time he’s wrong. Maybe this time pretending to be normal is overrated, and in Bridget, he’ll finally find the magic that’s been missing from his life, a special sort of alchemy…

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Shade for Love

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(Shades of Beckwell Book 3)

These gender-swapped Golden Girls have the perfect plan to save their town from paranormal threats: matchmaking.

An arranged marriage seems like a good idea…until you’re walking down the aisle toward the sexy immortal soldier you’re in half in love with but have never technically met. But that’s the least of Cara Jenklow’s problems. After all, her best friend is a necklace and her idols are the Shades, a group of former soldiers who these days are more Golden Girls than Avengers. Still, even after the talking dog shows up, Cara is optimistic her new husband might be the key to happiness and belonging…if her secret powers don’t kill her first.

William Best never asked to be immortal and to strike fear into pretty much everyone, but he’s making the most of it by standing between would-be murderers and the innocent paranormals in their path. This time, that means coming to Beckwell, reuniting with his old army troop, the Shades, and maybe using their granddaughter as bait. No one’s perfect, right? Besides, love was never the mission…

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Sisters of the Apocalypse Series:

Welcome to Beckwell. A town where myths hold some truth, magic runs through the bloodlines of its citizens…and the four horsewomen of the apocalypse are back in town and about to find a lot of trouble.

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Must Love Plague

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1313″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Spreading disease isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Piper Bane wants nothing to do with her pesky Pestilence bloodline and would give anything to be a Normal. In fact, she put Beckwell–land of the paranormal and home of the weird–in her rear-view ten years ago, and hasn’t been back since. Until an invitation to her best friend’s wedding coaxes her back home and reminds her what it means to continue the legacy of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. She receives a typical Beckwell welcome the second she reaches the city limits where she’s stalked by a toad and wraps her car around a tree. And is rescued by the one person she most wants to avoid: Daniel Quilan. Town doctor, genuine nice guy, and her ex-fiancé.

Ten years hasn’t been long enough for Daniel Quilan to forget the only woman he’s ever loved. His responsibilities as Beckwell’s only doctor keeps his mind off the hole Piper Bane left in his chest when she broke his heart and skipped town all those years ago. His not-so-ordinary patients and his trouble-making twin brother keep Daniel occupied twenty-four-seven, not to mention magic going haywire throughout town. But his plan to stay busy as the town’s golden boy is shattered when his latest patient turns out to be Piper. How good she looks isn’t his concern. How she still makes fire shoot through his veins isn’t his focus. But the fact that someone wants to end the world and will use Piper to do so……that makes her impossible to ignore.

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Must Love Famine

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Who says Famine can’t love cupcakes?

Ginny Lack is about to rise as Famine, the next horsewoman of the apocalypse, and needs an ally to help her gain her abilities. Agreeing to an arranged marriage with a Brit, sight unseen, doesn’t seem so bad considering her symbolic “horse” is a gutter-minded talking grasshopper, and her dead twin is stalking her. Aligning with another powerful Famine family through marriage will provide the confidant she craves and keep her secrets. How would it look if the other clans knew the heir to Famine loves baking?

James Derth is the family black sheep because he’s devoted his life to combating Famine. Agreeing to marry the heir to his clan is the opportunity he’s been waiting for to stop famine permanently, and he’s promised the gods results. How hard can it be to stop a spoiled Famine princess from rising? But when he meets his new fiancée, the sweet, curvy redhead is nothing like he expected. Her kisses are as irresistible as her cupcakes and twice as hazardous to his heart. Keeping his distance will be a whole lot harder, but he better find a way to stop her…or the gods will kill them both in ten days.

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Must Love Death

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1466″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Death is breaking all the rules.

Nia Amort is about to rise as Death, the third horsewoman. Her powers so far have been few and far between. Mostly dead people, dead people, and more dead people. But the Fates and the gods are out to kill her, a soul devourer stalks her dreams, and she owes Loki way too many favors. Worst of all, if she doesn’t gain her abilities soon, she’s going to lose her daughter all over again.

Ex-cop Mal Quilan is used to being the bad guy, growing up in the shadow of his perfect twin, and judged for his Fomorian, half-demon bloodlines. But he’s always had a soft spot for Nia, and when he’s given the chance to protect her until she can rise as Death, he takes it. Sure, he’ll have to ignore the old feelings she arouses in him, and there’s a high likelihood of his own death. But maybe, there’s a chance for redemption too … if the gods don’t kill them first.

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Must Love War

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2225″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Ending the world is harder than it looks…

Librarian Anna Fray has spent her life fighting the prophecy that says she’ll rise as War, the fourth horsewoman. War clansmen don’t find love, don’t enjoy life, and usually have lives that are short, brutal, and lonely. But now that all three of her friends have risen, becoming War seems as unavoidable as late fees. After all, the knitting club just burned down her house, and an arrogant pigeon is starting bar fights and claiming to be War’s horse. Until she discovers a loophole: find another candidate, and just maybe, she won’t have to become War.

Loki – yes, that Loki – is used to being hated and mistrusted, and knows he’s better off alone. If his ultimate plan to save humanity is going to work, he needs Anna to rise and kill him. He has a soft spot for the town librarian who was once his ward. But he’ll do everything he can to convince her she’s the best and only candidate for War – and the only one he’d trust with that much power. Unfortunately, he hadn’t accounted for the fact that Anna is all grown up, completely immune to his powers…and far too seductive for his peace of mind. As passion burns between them, they’ll need to face down the gods and their pasts if the world has any hope for survival.

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  • Ogawa Kazumasa