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  • Getting Shifty: On Werewolves and other Shifters

    Yes, you can definitely put me down on the werewolf side vs vampires; I’ve always had a quesy thing about blood – especially when it’s my own. And really, are vampires dead or not? “Undead” just doesn’t seem fair, since essentially they’re an animated corpse. Anyway, I’m not interested in mud-slinging at the vampires –…

  • What is Magic?

    Magic. So, what is it? What makes some things “real” magic, while other things are magic “tricks”? What separates magic from the rest of the supernatural and paranormal? Personally, I like magic, or my idea of it. I believe magic is anything that defies understanding and explanation via science and current understanding. It encompasses myth,…

  • Werewolves: Victims of Bad Press

    Join the Pro-Werewolf Campaign! Why are werewolves victims of bad press?