Anna Fray

Hadrianna (Anna) Fray

Nicknames (if applicable): Anna

Family / clan affiliations: War

Date of Birth: 1989

Age: MLF – 27; MLW – 28



  • General appearance: 5’10”, tall, less curvy than Ginny, more muscular
  • Eyes: steel / icy blue
  • Hair: thick, long brown, usually worn in a braid that hangs waist-length
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities: gains full red armor with Rojo; can fight in any and all styles, wield all weapons, and always knows the truth. Makes people fight / break into conflict just at the sound of her voice. She can see through any disguise. Can read the hearts and minds of others – knows their darkest truths. Always battle-ready (ie: will sober up instantly if drunk.) Can control and create fire.

When they came back to town: never left; here since she was 5 years old (23 years ago)

Book: Must Love War

Vehicle: Had a battered second-hand car that was destroyed by fire by the knitting club at the beginning of Must Love War.

Horse name and animal: Maximus Rojo / carrier pigeon / horse / rig pig truck

Occupation: town librarian in Beckwell.

Home: was a small, worn house that didn’t get much love; destroyed by fire at the beginning of Must Love War.

Other important dates:

  • 5 years old – fire and a double-homicide destroyed her family.
  • Loki rescued her from the fire and brought her to Beckwell.



Romantic interest: Loki

Mother: Susan Wiebe (blue-gray eyes, tall, dark brown hair worn short, a smoker)

Father: Marcus Fray (tall, blue eyes – like Anna)

Siblings: Ginny Lack

Friends: Nia Amort, Piper Bane