Daniel Quilan

Name: Daniel Quilan

Nicknames: Daniel Do-Right (Nia calls him this)

Family / clan affixations: Fomorian

Date of Birth: 05-Dec-87

Age: MLP – 30; MLD – 31


Appearance :

  • General: 6’3″, physically fit, tall
  • Hair: brown, cut short, no facial hair
  • Eyes: brown / black
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities: very muscular; gold / bronze skin, tattoos of ruins like a mantle; large gold horns; gold leathery wings; black eyes

Returned to Beckwell: 4 years ago (around 2013)

Possessions: beat-up blue pickup truck

Occupation: Doctor



Home: bit run-down, fixing it up; small.


  • Romantic interest: Piper Bane
  • Mother: Therese Benoit
  • Father: Michael Quilan
  • Siblings: Malcolm (Mal) Quilan
  • Friends: Lou
  • Other: Aunt June