Ginny Lack

Genevieve (Ginny) Lack

Nicknames: Ginny

Clan / Family Associations: Famine Clan

Primary character in Must Love Famine

Born: 1990

Age: MLF – 27



  • General: 5’11”, curvy build, touch heavy
  • Eyes: green
  • Hair: red, curly and unruly, just below her shoulders
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities:Must Love Plague, chpt 32: “Ginny had a wild jungle-woman look to her, the way her red hair cascaded over her shoulders, the iridescent gleam to her green eyes.”


Horse: Roger / grasshopper / pig / black ice cream truck

Career: Cupcake entrepreneur



Home: A small mid-century country home with white siding and cherry-red trim, possible small attic room. Very small and cozy, perfect for newly-weds and a gift to Ginny and James from her parents.



  • Romantic interest: James Derth
  • Mother:
  • Father: Lack
  • Siblings: Anna Fray; Thomas Lack
  • Friends: Nia Amort, Piper Bane