James Derth

James Derth


Family / clan affiliations: Famine

Date of Birth:



  • General: 6’5″, athletic muscular build; British with accent.
  • Eyes: crystalline blue
  • Hair: sandy brown, cut short
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities:

When they came to town: 2017


Book: Must Love Famine

Vehicle: Small sedan, purchased second-hand by his in-laws for his use.


Occupation: entrepreneur / millionaire / philanthropist; works with his paramilitary team in 3rd world countries to combat famine; developed a food bar that could feed a family for a week, made him millions.

Home: Shares a small house with his new bride, a cozy vintage cottage with white siding and cherry-red trim.



  • Romantic interest: Ginny Lack
  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Siblings: Charles Derth
  • Friends: Maddox, Caspian, Nahla, Bina

From the text:

  • Must Love Famine, chpt 10:  “Some she’d known before, like that he was fourth child of five boys. Others were a surprise, like the bouts of illness when he’d been young that had often confined James to bed, private tutors, then Eton College when he was in his early teens, then onto Oxford University. Doctorate in Agricultural Engineering, Biological Engineering, a certificate in Food Science, graduate studies in hydrology. Various detailed reports about clashes with his family, especially his father and older brothers. Then some details about the team he worked with in famine-struck areas. Combating famine, finding ways to save people. Not causing it. Why had she been so foolish to think he’d help her gain her abilities?”