Loki Laufeyjarson

Name: Loki Laufeyjarson

Nicknames (if applicable): Lou-ki / Lou; USELESS / USED refer to him as Serpent (53RP3N7) (Hacker Name)

Family / clan affiliations: with the Norse gods. Half-giant, half-god. Accepted by neither family.

Date of Birth: Not entirely known.

Age: He looks a lot younger than he is.



  • General appearance: Can change his appearance at will; often appears bald, bearded, overweight  in plaid; actual height tall and muscular, over 6′ + (The inspiration for how he looks is David Gandy.)
  • Eyes: blue – grey, changeable / pewter
  • Hair: can change at will; naturally very dark black /brown
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities: silver aura (very rare); he tends to fight with knives and his sword first, full armour. He can change his appearance at will.


His History related to Beckwell: He arrived in town in the early 19th century, partially because it was the farthest from his Norse “family.” It was here he decided instead of chasing after the Four, he’d bring them to him – or they would come to him. He could also see that Beckwell was a magical vortex – therefore outsiders like him would end up there (along with more interesting prospects.) Since he founded the town, he’s never officially left.


Books: Must Love War



  • dark, sleek green, low luxury car, likely a Lotus or electric vehicle.
  • big F-150 truck (it fits in around town better.)


Occupation: town founder / philanthropist



As described in MLF p275 by Ginny:

“It might have been the potential head trauma from too many attempted possessions and blackouts today, but the place had a positively magical look to it. The giant Gothic Revival was like a smaller, slightly less crazy version of the Winchester mansion she’d seen on TV.

“This one had turrets and cupolas, too—that’s what those little almost-tower things were, wasn’t it? There were little windows at odd heights, and different parts of the building seemed to jut out here and there. It was almost as though someone had decided on all the rooms they wanted, then haphazardly stacked them to form a house and thrown on a whole bunch of windows and other decorative features to disguise the fact it was anything but a standard house.

“Then again, of course it wasn’t a standard house. This home belonged to Loki.”


Other important dates:

  • WW1  / post Spanish flu – adopted the first of the Four in his town, including his adoptive son, Peter.
  • WW2 – lost Peter, the Four, and most of his staff (along with two many people in town) that kind of broke him. 


Some Norse profanity:

  • Fjandinn (damn)
  • Faviti (idiot)
  • Bacraut – asshole
  • half-troll
  • skreyja – incompetent
  • huglausi – cowardly
  • musa – mouse
  • raggeit – bloody coward


Loki tends to use swears related to Ancient Norse gods (even older than he is):

  • Fire giant, Surt, who was there in the beginning, will be at Ragnarok
  • Ymir – sleeping giant (and Loki’s favorite swear.)
  • Authumla – the great cow that nursed Ymir.
  • a cow licked to create Buri (which means beautiful and bright to look at.)
  • Buri’s son, was Bor; Bor’s wife was Bestla.
  • Bor and Bestla’s sons were Odin, Vili, and Ve.



Friends: Daniel Quilan, Mal Quilan

Romantic: Anna Fray

Servant / friend: Trevor

Mother: Laufey

Father: Farbauti

Siblings: Odin (Loki’s blood-oath brother)

Son (adoptive): Peter (who died in WW2; his horse was Reginald.)