Mal Quilan

Name: Malcolm (Mal) Quilan

Nicknames (if applicable): Mal

Family / clan affiliations: Fomorian, Quilan

Date of Birth:


Age: MLD – 31



  • General appearance: 6’3″, physically fit, very muscular, tall. Light, bronzy skin.
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Hair: Brown / black
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities: very muscular; smoke gray-blue skin; large black / dark gray leathery wings; a cloak of living black smoke / shadow; deep blue eyes (deeper than usual); large curled rams horns on forehead; eyes elongated and blue-black; massive black leathery wings.


When they came back to town: 2 years ago


Books: Must Love Death



  • rusty blue Yamaha motorcycle
  • white w/ green duty truck: town crest printed on doors: “Moonlight glinted over the white surface, catching on the large entwined-snakes, standing gods, and field of wheat in a black circle printed on the door. Beckwell’s town crest.” MLD, chpt 27

Occupation: RCMP / Police officer


Home: In the beginning of MLD, he doesn’t have a home. He’s staying with Daniel, then with Loki, then with Nia.


Other important dates:

  • 4 years ago – reserve shooting; then mom and dad die in the car accident within a month of the shooting.
  • Messes around 2 years before Daniel gets him to come home 2 years ago.



Romantic interest: Nia Amort
Siblings: Daniel Quilan
Friends: Loki