Nia Amort

Petunia (Nia) Amort

Nicknames (if applicable): Nia

Family / clan affiliations: Death clan


Date of Birth: 1990-03-20

Age: 28


  • General appearance: 5’5″, petite, East Indian heritage; short, petite with medium brown skin; her family is East Indian / Hindu.
  • Eyes: brown
  • Hair: black curls, just above her shoulders, unruly
  • Paranormal appearance / abilities: petite; Death voice (all caps); smoky cloak and silvery-black mask appears over her eyes; water attracts spirits, makes her a bridge to the Gray; first possessed when she was 6 (says so in MLF)

When they came back to town: 2 years ago (2 years before opening of her book)

Books: Must Love Death

Vehicle: None until Esther; she stopped driving.


Horse name and animal: Esther. Starts out as a moth, then turns into an owl, then a large chopper motorcycle (gray.) Esther / moth / owl / chopper motorbike


Occupation: works online / unemployed


Home: large, rambling, slightly run-down Victorian square house, filled with ghost-children, ghost-pets and other spirits.

Other important dates:

  • grade 2 – spent time in an institution;
  • mother left when she was 5,



Romantic interest: Mal Quilan

Mother: deceased

Father: deceased

Siblings: None

Friends: Anna Fray, Piper Bane, Ginny Lack