Pestilence Clan

One of the four horsemen clans.


  • sometimes known as “conquest” or “victory”
  •  weapons was traditionally a bow and arrow to spread pestilence (maybe she has a tattoo?)
  •  *sometimes associated with light manipulation
  •  can create disease in people (often accidentally during emotional situation) .



  • horse: toad then skunk = Queenie
  • sickness aura – can also control / emit a general feeling of feeling ill (nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, confusion)
  •  how to show: past death / illness of someone (note – why wouldn’t parents be sick??)
  •  how to show: communication with Queenie; increasing awareness of Townspeople
  •  can alter the air
  •  can cause plagues / disease storms that spread far from her physical body (like biblical kinds of plagues)
  •   can use plagues and disease to fight (army of wasps or toads)
  • can drive people mad – sickness of the mind.
  • can bring about peace as disease ends the ability to keep fighting / ends wars.
  • can read and understand sickness and disease; communicate with it.
  • empathic – reads emotions and communicates with her horse via empathy / emotion. Sees these as particular colors.
  • can alter the air / weather.
  • companion ability: healing. Often in the ability to recall disease / draw it into herself without harm.


Known members of this clan: