Piper Bane

Piper Bane

Family / clan affiliations: Pestilence

Date of Birth: February 1991

Age: MLP – 27; MLD – 27 (class of 2007); MLW – 28


  • General appearance: slim / petite / model-like
  • Eyes: amber
  • Hair: pale blonde / almost white; about to her shoulders; straight

Paranormal appearance / abilities:

  • Pestilence Clan/ horsewoman.
  • From Must Love Plague, chapter 32:

“Best not to do anything to make this worse. Especially by pissing off her friends, who didn’t look especially happy as it was. Anna had a fierce hardness to her, a steely tint to her blue eyes. Nia’s eyes were peculiarly shadows by a metallic mask, almost black even in the daylight. Ginny had a wild jungle-woman look to her, the way her red hair cascaded over her shoulders, the iridescent gleam to her green eyes.

While Piper…Piper stood straight and bold before him, the wind whirling her hair around her head like a halo, a flush staining her otherwise pale cheeks, perhaps more lush and beautiful than he’d ever seen. Powerful.”



When they came back to town: 2017 (in the beginning of “Must Love Plague.”)

Vehicle: Lives by rental cars

Horse name and animal: Queenie. Toad / skunk / PortaPottie Truck, snot green

Occupation: unemployed (former bartender who drifts from job to job.

Home: homeless