Nicknames (if applicable): None, just Roger

Family / clan affiliations: Famine Clan

Date of Birth:

While he’s the reincarnation of all previous Famine horses, Roger as an individual came into existence as Ginny Lack started to come into her abilities and begin her rise to Famine.


All of the four horses take different forms dependent on the current power / ascension level of their respective horsewoman. Roger starts as a grasshopper, then a black and pink pig, then finally, an ice cream truck without windows.

Why these forms?

  • Grasshoppers – or more often when they arrive as a plague of locusts – are one of the great plagues that did and still can destroy massive sections of crops and plant life. These are known as one of the “plague insects” (the others being weevils and locusts)
  • Pigs – famine is generally associated with an affinity with farm animals, and these animals are the ones who can both contribute to famine, and can be the first ones to die during famine. Pigs can cause a lot of destruction with their omnivorous behaviour, which is why I selected a pig. Plus, they fit in buildings better. 😉 The other animals generally associated with Famine are sheep, cows and donkeys.
  • Windowless Ice Cream Truck – Roger’s final and most powerful form. This form was chosen for a few reasons. First, because each of the horses has a final “modern horse” that they become, they’re all a kind of vehicle. A black ice cream truck seemed most suitable for Roger, especially because it plays loud, somewhat irritating music – something Roger adores. However, because this the Famine vehicle, it’s like a tease that you see and hear what appears to be an ice cream truck – but you will never get any food or sweet treats from it.


  • Ginny originally refers to Roger as a cricket, like Disney’s Jiminy Cricket who advises and is the conscience for Pinocchio. And in some ways, Roger does act in a similar method…but he is never actually a cricket, and his advice is frequently far from following Ginny’s conscience. 😉
  • Roger is known for his love of show tunes and singing them loudly. Especially if it means someone won’t appreciate it.
  • Of any of the horses, Roger is also the one with the strongest growth arc and building of his confidence. Like Ginny, he has compared himself to others and come up short. So while he sometimes isn’t very good at his job as advisor and consul for Ginny, he always tries and is trying to improve his performance and success in a way that none of the other horses do.
  • While it seems that Roger is speaking aloud, most the time others can’t hear him. He uses telepathic communication with Ginny… even when he’s making terrible jokes. 😉