War Clan

War Clan

One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse clans. Appears in the Sisters of the Apocalypse Series, featured in Must Love War.


Associated with:

  • the Red horse; often holding an upright sword, ready for battle.
  • the War Sword’s name is Hildebrand.
  • associated sometimes with civil war.
  • usually one of the first horses to appear.


The War sword:

  • Hildebrand



  • makes people fight / break out in violence with the sound of the voice.
  • always knows the truth; hears the whisper of the truth always.
  • can see through disguise (such as through Loki’s shape-shifting abilities.) Lies feel like a cold-breath on the neck; truth = warm internal certainty.
  • actual horse because of the long association in history. See Rojo.
  • homing pigeon for history in wars.
  • can hear the truth whispered by the universe and in others.
  • associated with heraing.
  • can create illusions and drive people to violence.
  • always battle ready; can sober up immediately.
  • super strength, battle prowess, even though no formal battle training.
  • can wield any and all weapons.
  • can control / alter the element of fire.
  • can create / disseminate the “truth” and emotion with her mind; can also spread conflict and thought in the minds of others (can alter the perception of truth.)


Known members of this clan / species:

  • Anna Fray
  • Rojo (the war horse)
  • Donovan Wiebe (a corrupt police chief)
  • Matilda (Tildy) Cadman (Real Estate agent who runs fight clubs for women, unaware of her ancestry.)
  • Walter Martin (charmer / con from a powerful Martin clan, almost steals Anna’s power.)


The horses:

  • Bellator the Brave
  • Mardane
  • Ajax
  • Cadmar
  • Reginald (Peter’s Horse)
  • Rojo  (Anna’s horse)


The original 25 War families:

  1. Fray
  2. Burns
  3. Fore
  4. Quail
  5. Storm
  6. Valiants
  7. Stryfes
  8. Bombardier
  9. Agrona
  10. Bojan
  11. Cadell
  12. Cadfael
  13. Cadman
  14. Dieters
  15. Gerhilds
  16. Guntram
  17. Harvey
  18. Kallistrate
  19. Kunigunde
  20. Ratimir
  21. Viggo
  22. Wiebe
  23. Wigand
  24. Yuda
  25. Martin